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Aloka and Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust prove that it is worth a try to help poor people in India, keeping in mind that one Euro buys more than six kilos of rice, a lot can be achieved with little foreign money.

Aware of the ordeal of many of the fellow-countrymen, Late Samarendra Nath Ghosh, Late Dhyan Dasgupta and Shri Paritosh Biswas founded “Aloka and Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” with the objectives to empower those less fortunate to help themselves and in turn empower others. The objectives of the trust are to help in the fields of education, health, housing, social welfare, natural calamity and relief.

It was first registered to the competent authority under the Indian Law of Charity Organizations and established in the year 1996, in a village called “Sheakhala” in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal, India, as NGO pilot project to gain experience with charitable work. In 1996 the trust was also registered under FCRA and extended its activities to other villages in the area. The trust appointed some locale unemployed people as employee for the locale organization and administration.

The villages served by the trust are located in Hooghly District approximately 40 km. west of Kolkata (Calcutta) in the state of West Bengal, India which belongs to the seven poorest states of India in terms of rural poverty. The names of the villages are Chanditala, Jungalpara, Mosat, Elipur, Jorati, Dhannasahans, Champadaga, Bhangamora, Khanakul, Madhupur and Charpur. So many needy and destitute people taking regular advantage of the trust, who are regarded as members of the ST and SC, as they are the most poverty stricken people in the area.

The trust is financed with donations coming from the foreign countries England and Germany on the basis of single gratuities forwarded by Shri Dhrubatosh Biswas (coordinator of the trust) from Barmingham,England. The donators mainly consist of friends and acquaintances of the founder and are attracted by word of mouth and letters giving detailed information on the trust's activities. The trust's charitable work is highly appreciated by donators in Europe and obviously by its beneficiaries in India.

To ameliorate the situation of the poor, “Aloka & Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” is active in the areas of public health, education and social welfare. In order to provide medical help, the trust runs a medical centre in “Sheakhala” with Child-Specialist, Gynecologist, General Practitioner and Homoeopathic Doctor who attend the clinic by rotation. 

In the field of education, the trust is supporting and helping many students with monthly stipend. Furthermore the trust buys books, writing material and other needed items for the schools in the area or directly for deprived students. In the Bhangamore village school, the trust has helped to finance three computers and a power generator that supplies the school with electricity. 

Each Saturday, the trust organizes the catering of about 100 people. For most of these people, that is their main meal of the week. Moreover, especially in winter, clothes and blankets are distributed on behalf of the trust. Furthermore, monthly payments are granted to disabled, homeless or elderly people and widows. About 61 people belonging to this category are given donations by the trust. Also single payments are made for varying purposes. In order to empower the poor to help themselves, the trust is fostering self-employment by spending money to people with the intention to start up a business, in case the business seems sensible and profitable to the trustees. Besides, the trust is engaged in the Self-employment training in various professions for unemployed needy people. 

In coming future, “Aloka & Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” have a great intension to fulfill the additional activities such as Integrated Rural  Development  Projects, Income generating  Projects, Health Care Programs, Lonely Aged and Widows Care Programs, Orphan Children Care Programs, Restructuring of Mud Huts for Homeless, Higher Education for poor  children and more different self-employment projects & programs. We are also planning for entire development of poor farmers and fishermen in the village by donating seeds, chemicals, fertilizers and different agricultural instruments which will be our first priority. Our future program may be included for development of organic cultivation in the field of agriculture by an investment value of Rs. 5, 00,000  to 10, 00,000 Lac. 

Last but not least we wish to thank our well-wishers, members, donors, NGOs, volunteers, resource persons, panchayat members, Govt. Officials and also general people for their cordial inspiration, support and kind co-operation to proceed further of our organization. Our special gratitude to all the members of Foerderverein, West Bengalische Doerer e.v in Germany. We look forward to Govt. Grants and donations from the well-wishers for further developments.

Free help to the needy and destitute is our motto and our trust is only for trust.


Aloka and Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust always ready to serve and act as a model NGO of society for the purpose of socio-economic development & atmosphere in all aspect to set up egalitarian society, equitable distribution of wealth and assets, to reach a platform of human undertaking and trust, to eliminate human suffering, to provide benefits to the people, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Educational Program; Our organization helps poor meritorious students every year with books study, materials as per their requirements. As per our capacity 15 students are currently benefited under this program. We have expanded the educational program through various other projects and schemes, such as Book Distribution among the financially backward students of schools and colleges, Part or full payment of tuition fees of needy students, Encouraging and helping the needy students who are keen but unable to pursue higher studies for Bachelor / Master Degree or in Engineering / Medical study, Kids school (free kinder garden school) has been set-up on July 2011 and about fifteen children from age-group 3-5 attend this play school every day from 8 to 11 in the morning are provided with tiffin refreshment, Arranged for a drawing school with about sixty students in each Sunday afternoon, Free Coaching Centre for the needy students of class IX & X is conducted by reputed teacher four days in a week for English and Science subject. Admission and educational expenses of a orphan girl student from Uttarpara Home has been arranged in Howrah General Hospital for nursing training. Seat & Draw competition is arranged on the twenty-fifth day of every Bengali year by our drawing school for the students along with prize distribution ceremony on remarkable Holidays in every English Calendar year.

Health Care Program; During the year 2013-2014 the organization has duly stretched out in the health care segment. The program mainly target to make available health care facility to needy woman, children and aged in rural areas as well as under development areas. We also provide free medicines as per the capability of Trust fund to the distressed persons who are in without treatment and or unable to purchase their required medicine. The existing charitable dispensary is being offering different health care facilities to prevent diseases to the under privileged people of the area with a team of authentic doctors such as General Practitioner in Allopathy & Homoeopathy medicine, Child Specialist and Gynecologist etc. We are also trying to help the needy people for specialized and expensive treatment. 

Distribution of Clothes and Blankets to People below the poverty line; Everybody in our society is well aware about one of the basic human needs of clothes for the poor people. Many of these poor people are found without proper clothing. They are not in a position to purchase their clothing due to a lack of money. This means they are unable to cover their body with a piece of cloth and or suffering without blanket in cold. 

Trust provides such needy people the clothes and blankets for their physical needs. The Trust identifies beneficiaries by going house-to-house in rural area and seeking if there are any poor people in need. We take necessary arrangements carefully by giving them proper clothing to maintain their lifestyle. The Trust has come across many cases where children do not care for their elderly parents, buying them no clothes, nor looking after their other needs. Either donations or clothes donations in kind help the Trust carry out this activity. The organization distributes clothes and blankets to poor men, women and children during the festival of Durga Puja and in Winter every year.The expense for this purpose is being expected to increase at least 20 to 25 percent during the coming year. We hope to reach out to many more people in need to serve in this field.

Free meals for distressed once in a week; Malnutrition is one of the glaring problems in our country, especially in the rural sector. The worst sufferers are the women and the aged. We cannot alone eliminate this problem. At present, we have managed to identify 90 to 100   people mostly weak, disabled, old and all from the downtrodden section of society from the surrounding area. They are provided with free nutritious meal once in a week. Our organization has increased the expense in this purpose during 2013-2014. Our objective cost is expected to grow 10 to 15 percent in next financial year.

Aid to the aged & disabled; There are those who cannot earn their livelihood as they are beyond the age of work and have become disabled. 61 Nos. of such old and disabled person are receiving a financial assistance in every month. This contribution of amount for each person is in between Rs. 50/- to Rs. 100/- .

Self-Employment program; We are heartily trying to make an effort to enlarge our  spectrum for the purpose of  self-employment Schemes as we confidently believe self-help is the best help. self-employment program is covering all aspects of self employment such as organization of the poor into self help groups, training, credit, technology, infrastructure and marketing. We are planning to provide maintainable income to the rural poor through various Self-employment scheme. The primary objective is the creation of demand driven community village infrastructure including durable assets at the village level and assets to enable the rural poor to increase the opportunities for sustaining self-employment. The secondary objective is the generation of supplementary employment for the unemployed poor in the rural areas. The trust endeavor to concentrate for more development in Self Employment project and the expenditure in this regard is likely to grow in the coming year.