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From the Desk of Chief Functionary ………

On behalf of everyone at the trust I would like to thank our patrons and well wishers who believe in our efforts and always providing us their unconditional support and inspiration. Like all the previous year “Aloka & Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” is striving towards the goals that it has set for itself. Apart from all the works that the trust acts among the needy people who are not so fortunate as established personnel in our society, this year the trust geared up to a work in a field which requires great attention in the field of supply of drinking water in rural area. The Trust fixed up two tube-wells in the villages of Sheakhala, Sreepatipur (Uttar) and Coolipara in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal and is also looking after the maintenance of these tube-wells in a regular manner. “Aloka & Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” is working in different field to help and serve the needy and destitute people in our society by arranging free study materials and free school in the fields of education, providing free meals, distributing clothing and blanket during Durga Puja festival & in winter every year, dispensary with free Medical facility etc. over the years. All grants are targeted at improving the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people in our society. Through our grants we seek to demonstrate successful methods that can be implemented on a superior extent. I, on behalf of our organization, do hereby solemnly convey our heartiest condolence to Late DIPAK DASGUPTA for his sad demise on last October, 2013 in Germany. “Aloka & Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” members will always remember him for his enormous effort & support regarding foreign currency arrangement from Germany towards our trust. I, on behalf of our organization, also pay heartfelt homage to Late SAMARENDRA NATH GHOSH who had been with our trust as an active Trustee since the time of foundation of our Organization. We never forget about his diligent endeavor and involvement till his last exhale. Your assistance in these programs is humbly requested. You can help make a difference in the lives of countless people, who would otherwise be facing severe hardships and difficulty. Your personal involvement in this most important help is necessary to enable us to carry on these activities. I take this opportunity to thank our patrons and well-wishers once again for their generous support and contribution without which nothing would have been done. 

Welcome everybody to our website and best wishes to all of you.

Paritosh Biswas, Chief Functionary, 

“Aloka & Bijoy Sur Memorial Trust” 



Our Vision;

To Set up egalitarian Society, Equitable distribution of wealth and assets.

To reach a platform of human undertaking and trust.

To eliminate human suffering.

To provide benefits to the people, irrespective of caste creed and religion.

Our Mission;

To act for socio economic development of society.

To act as model NGO of the society.

To act for all round development of society.

To create an ideal social atmosphere.

Our Principle;

To act as voluntary organization.

To act as Non Political Entity.

To act as secular force in the common mass.

Our Target;

To serve People below poverty line.

To serve People of the downtrodden sector.

To serve Training for Self-Employment.

To serve Health Care & Flood Relief.